3 things to do when you’re bored by your own writing.

3 things to do when you’re bored by your own writing.

Lately I’ve been feeling bored of myself. Uninspired by my own writing. 

I also know that this feeling — the “meh” that comes over me when I look at what I’ve already written — is a form of my resistance. 

Our love of writing is less about words and sentences than we may think. It’s about the ineffable source that exists underneath the words we write. 

The game of it, for writers, is to try to put the unwriteable into words. 

When we’re bored with ourselves, it’s because we need to connect to that ineffable source again. 

We need to remember that the sentences aren’t the most important part of the process. 

If writing was just about words, we would be so bored, all the time!

In my post today, I give you three effective ways to handle your own boredom, and connect to that source again.

Check it out, and in the comments, let me know how it goes.




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“I’ve moved around a lot in the past six years, across Canada and then to India and Hong Kong. Packing and unpacking definitely tests a writer’s ability to focus! Sarah’s school has given me a writing community at times when I may not have had one, allowing me to virtually surround myself with like-minded people who care about the same things I do. As a student in Sarah’s school, I learned to love my characters and trust my stories. As a teacher, I’ve realized writing is about giving ourselves permission to trust our instincts, for only then can we write something true.

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Story Genius by Lisa Cron

Artful by Ali Smith





Sarah Selecky is the Giller-nominated author of Radiant Shimmering Light and This Cake Is for the Party. Her writing school is a creative community for thousands of writers around the world.  

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